Monday, 06 April, 2020

Category: Jewelry & Accessories

Bracelets Rolex Orange Zircon/Hessonite rain This triple-stranded faux pearl necklace was truly constructed utilizing molds that were cast from Jackie Onassis’s original and unforgettable pearl necklace. The unique necklace itself sold at auction several years in the past for over … Continue Reading

Do your self a favor and get out of your house occasionally. Make yourself feel good and do what is good for you. This doesn’t make you an individual who can’t handle life. We all want these breaks to rejuvenate, … Continue Reading

Trend jewelry now additionally makes use of less expensive supplies like sterling silver, common wires and even leather. These also sport inexpensive stones like moissanite, amethysts, fancy gems and other synthetic crystals and coloured glass. You may choose any of … Continue Reading

Other than price, Silver is simply trendy and versatile. It’s only a class apart. Put on it with any outfit for any event without having to undergo the hassles of adjusting equipment usually relying on the clothes. Silver rings are … Continue Reading

It might not be until 1985 that the treasure hunter Mel Fisher discovered the wrecked ship. This gold-toned ring is a replica of one of many unbelievable gadgets that he found aboard. It features four green stones surrounding a picture … Continue Reading