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Women often find fewer options to wear during the winter season. If you feel like you’ve fallen into the bait of layering clothes during the winters, then it is totally comprehensible. If you’re looking for more fashionable choices to get through the winters, then you have come to the right place to get hold of amazing ideas for the winters.

Fret not, because you won’t be asked to go for broke shopping to get decked up for the winters. All you have to do is pair up some pieces of staple items that can be worn several times, year after year.

5 Outfits for the winters

Check out some amazing fashionista outfits which will definitely help you to keep warm and elegant at the same time.

Go with Black textures

Embracing black is the most preferred color in the winters. You can never go wrong with an all-black attire during winters. However, donning black from head-to-toe can look boring, so it is important to play with different colors and textures. You may try out the following combination and enjoy the everlasting warmth while you exemplify the diva look.

  • A slim-fit leather or faux alternative jacket is highly recommended as it will reflect little light in comparison to the A-line black skirt that can be worn on the bottom.
  • The black skirt can be worn with any cardigan in your closet. It flows right into thick tights that help to keep your legs warm when you opt to wear a skirt on a certain day.
  • Pairing the above outfit with suede boots adds another level of velvety texture. If you’re unable to find suede boots, you may pair it with a leather or pleather boots as well.


Put on Boots

If you love donning boots but are scared of ruining the look by wearing it during the summertime, just wash off your anxiety and pull out your black boots from the shoe rack. Winters are the best time to flaunt your boots. You can grab this opportunity to wear your boots along with tights. They often add an edge to any apparel in a neutral shade. Hold enough room for your partner to guess, while you adorn the eye-catching leopard coat for a chilly date night.


Every woman needs to own a coat that makes her feel powerful and beautiful. The most in-demand coat is of leopard’s print. The coats hold the following important features:

  • The length will help to keep your thighs warm.
  • The coats are fashionable and help to keep warm without bulkiness. You can easily have a look at some great collection and avail great discounts on the same by using Nykaa offers.
  • The added advantage of donning coats are the deep pockets which are capable to house everything from your cell phone, keys, and even chips packet.

Layered neutrals

In order to stay warm, it becomes essential to layer your clothing. Having neutrals in hand makes it much easier to put together an outfit at the moment’s choice. Neutrals aren’t required to be boring, nor does it mean that they have to be in monochrome.  You may take the following suggestions to pair up with your outfit.

  • A cute, fuzzy, warm and knitted winter hat for keeping the heat in, works well with a multitude of winter options.
  • A dark coat with detailings can add interest to their outfit, even if it is worn with the plainest of shirts.
  • You may get hold of a thick knit scarf and warm gloves to pair up with your winter outfits.

Simple and Classy

The early or late days of winter when the temperature isn’t that low, you may adorn the following combination to get an easy-peasy, yet classy look. Depending on your shoe, hat, jacket choices, this basic outfit can we have worn either for work or for the outing.

  • Pair your favorite dark skinny jeans with a bright tunic top.
  • To brave the winter chills, throw on a light leather jacket.
  • Get an edgy studded boot and a hat to celebrate the winters.

For truly casual days

For casual days when you aren’t willing to move out and want to be cozy at home.

  • Wear a knitted sweater made from soft, bulky yarn, which extends up to wrists to keep your hands warm.
  • Pair that with jeans you’re comfortable in.
  • Get hold of a cozy fleece that will keep your feet warm without making you feel sweaty.

The winters aren’t supposed to be full of cloth layering and oversized sweatshirts. You need to adorn trendy outfits to feel comfortable and look elegant.