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Richard Oakes, who was born on May 22nd, 1942 in Akwesasne, new York, has been known as one of the activists in the United States of America. He appeared on Google Doodle which really appreciates his works and wants to celebrate his 75th birthday as well. Yet, what did he do that made appeared on the front page of the search engine site? In case you are so interested in finding out who Richard Oakes Activist really was, it is so much recommended for you to continue reading below.


The First Native Student at the University

Richard Oakes was a kid who grew up in Akwesasne in New York, The United States of America. He had been the witness of the unjust treatments given to the native people by the government of the country. Perhaps, that was the reason he really pursued his educations as well as possible because he believed that education would help him to make a change. So then, he decided to enroll to a university in San Francisco when was just still 18 years old. Then, the fact that he became a student at a university made him the first Native American who even got that achievement. As he studied at the university, he became so passionate about encouraging and motivating the other native people to pursue their education to university as well. So, they would have the chance to live their lives in the better way.

The activist for Native American People

Furthermore, Richard Oakes began his career as an activist while studying at the university. He convinced the people in his community that the federal out of use land of Alcatraz had to belong to the Native American people. The dedication of the Native American community even caught the attention of the people of the country for sure. So, they demanded the government to give the Alcatraz Island to the native people and to treat them fairly. Unfortunately, there was no good response from the government to the demand. So, Oaks and his community started to get settled on the island in order to show their protest to the authority holders of the country at the time. They even started to use the facilities in the prison of Alcatraz to suit their activities such as cooking, sanitation making, teaching, and so many more still. By doing so, they would be able to survive there so well. In addition to this, there were students from UCLA that helped them to make an electoral council, so that they could have their major, who was Richard Oakes.

The Leader of the Community

Moreover, Richard Oakes was also known as a great leader of the Mohawk Community. He even could make a wave of people and led them to the country. However, he had been taken too soon on September 20th, 1972, before he experienced the results of his dedication after he got shot by Michael Morgan, an employee of YMCA that Oaks was involved in a confrontation with.